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3 Reasons Why You Should Try The Vagabond Club in Singapore

Enjoy a unique luxury experience at this hotel in Singapore!

At least once in our lives, we all want to experience a luxurious stay in a world-renowned hotel. Lucky for us, the Garcha Hotels by Satinder Garcha and Harpreet Bedi is offering the luxury hotel experience in different countries across the globe!

One of their hotels, The Vagabond Club in Singapore, has been ranked number five in the top 10 luxury hotels in the country on TripAdvisor. It was also number eight and six for best service and top hotel, respectively. (Read: 3 Reasons Why We Love the New Duxton Reserve Singapore)

The Vagabond Club deserves it rightfully so, because apart from the luxury it gives, this hotel offers a unique experience to visitors. Here are three reasons why you should visit The Vagabond Club the next time you go to Singapore.

#1: The Vagabond Club Offers Luxury With a Personal Touch

The Vagabond Club room (Photo courtesy of The Vagabond Club)

The hotel provides a luxurious experience on a personal level. The owner, Mr. Satinder Garcha, has taken photos from his travels over the years that are displayed in each of the 42 rooms of The Vagabond Club. Apart from that, the hotel was also designed by world-renowned interior designer Jacques Garcia, who has worked on numerous luxury hotels in Paris, Marrakech, and New York.

“It’s like a little wonderland. They can come back, relax, and be inspired,” says Josephine Meister, Director of Sales and Marketing of the Garcha Group.

#2: Their ‘Whiskey Library’ Serves Award-Winning Drinks

The Whiskey Library (Photo courtesy of The Vagabond Club)

The Whiskey Library is the hotel’s very own bar that holds over a thousand curated rare and award-winning selections of whiskeys from all around the world. “All the whiskey bottles were carefully selected by Mr. Garcha,” says Josephine.

Not just that. This bar also has an annual Membership Program that comes with a 10-night stay at the hotel— fully transferrable! Other drinks, aside from whiskey, are also available for guests who prefer other beverages. (Read: Alcoholic Beverages With Catholic Origins)

#3: This Hotel Spoils Customers With Artistic Masterpieces

The Rhino reception at The Vagabond Club (Photo courtesy of The Vagabond Club)

If you are looking for a luxurious stay and a visual treat of artistic masterpieces, The Vagabond Club is for you! (Read: Meet the Davaoeña Artist Who Celebrates Women Through Painting)

“The whole hotel is equipped with very unique art pieces that have been selected by Mr. Garcha himself, and have been curated over the years,” Josephine says. “The art pieces are of high value and are scattered around the hotel.”

Renowned artists also perform at the hotel from time to time, and other unique experiential events like independent film premieres, musical showcases, and book readings happen at The Vagabond Club.

Book your hotel stay now at and enjoy a unique luxury experience in Singapore!

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