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Who are all the other beautiful Reynas who are part of the Santacruzan?

In the Santacruzan––a traditional procession held in the month of May––it’s every young woman’s dream to be Reyna Elena, a.k.a. Emperatriz or Helena of the True Cross.

However, one doesn’t always have to be the star of the show to feel that she is a part of something great and important. As Pope Francis said when he addressed his audience at Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park in September 2015, “Our rich religious traditions seek to offer meaning and direction…At the heart of their spiritual mission is the proclamation of the truth and dignity of the human person and human rights.” So read on and discover what each of these Reynas symbolize—because the Santacruzan is so much more than just a showcase of the most beautiful women in town!

My Pope lists the Santacruzan’s other reynas––each one with an indispensable role in this highly anticipated procession. Which queen would you like to be?

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Text by Joy Rojas.

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