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Monday, September 21, 2020
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These readers will inspire you to keep believing in the power of prayer

No matter how tough life gets, always believe that miracles happen when you use your line to heaven!

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Miracle Baby

I was three months pregnant with my firstborn when the doctor said that there was a big possibility that my child would not make it and would have to be removed. I already had two miscarriages prior and was traumatized. I prayed the rosary every night with my husband and attended novena Masses until my next doctor’s appointment. When the doctor checked again, my baby was healthy and her heartbeat was very strong. She is now studying and is on her way to becoming a doctor.

—Lulu Halog

Speedy Recovery

My mom had a stroke and lost control of her left side, so she was brought to the intensive care unit (ICU). Worried, I couldn’t get a wink of sleep so I prayed hard—I even prayed the rosary. I asked our family and friends to pray for my mother, too. The next morning, I was with my mom in the ICU when she complained of pain in her left foot. She said it felt like she was being electrocuted. After a while, I had to step outside the unit because visiting hours were over. I stood by the ICU window and noticed that my mom suddenly scratched her nose using her left hand. She’d regained control of her limbs! I cried because I knew then that God answered my entreaties, and all the prayers our loved ones said for my mom. Everyone was amazed by how quickly my mom recovered.

—Christine Wang

Fervent Prayers

My dad was out of work for months. It came to the point that my parents’ savings were all used up and my dad was so depressed, he started thinking of taking his own life. That was when my mom intervened and ordered everyone in the family to be home before nine o’clock every night to pray the rosary. A month after the nightly rosary, my dad got a call from his previous company offering him a higher position with better pay. He immediately accepted. I think the prayers really helped.

—Joe C.

These readers will inspire you to keep believing in the power of prayer - image allen-taylor-491434-unsplash on
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