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Sunday, September 20, 2020
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The Pope’s letter to the victims of Sri Lankan Easter Bombings

On Sunday, May 5, a letter of condolences from Pope Francis was read out loud during a televised Mass in Sri Lanka.

The letter, read by Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, the Archbishop of Colombo, was sent in light of the recent terrorist attack that killed 257 people in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.

In his letter, Pope Francis extended his “continued prayers” for the victims of the tragic incident. He also expressed hopes to bring healing to the hearts of those “hardened by hatred” and reminded everyone the value of “consoling one another” during difficult times.

At the end of his letter, the Pope also encouraged all Sri Lankans, regardless of their religious beliefs, to work together to bring long-term “social harmony, justice, and peace” in the country.

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See the original text of Pope Francis’ letter below:

“In the wake of the brutal attacks on Christian communities gathered in prayer on Easter Sunday, and on several other sites in Sri Lanka, I feel moved to assure you once more of my profound solidarity and my continued prayers for all those affected by these contemptible crimes.

In union with our brothers and sisters throughout the world, I commend the dead to the infinite mercy of God our heavenly Father and ask the Lord Jesus, victor over sin and death, to bring healing to the injured and consolation to all who mourn the loss of their loved ones.

With the followers of all religions, and men and women of good will everywhere, we express horror at this unspeakable offense against the holy name of God and I pray that hearts hardened by hatred may yield to His will for peace and reconciliation among all His children.

At this time of immense grief, may the faithful be confirmed in charity, consoling one another with the hope born of Easter and our unshakeable faith in Christ’s promises.

Conscious of the wound inflicted on the entire nation, I likewise pray that all Sri Lankans will be affirmed in their resolve to foster social harmony, justice, and peace.

With these sentiments, I affectionately commend you and your brother Bishops, together with the clergy, religious, and lay faithful entrusted to your care, to the loving embrace of Our Lady, Queen and Patroness of Sri Lanka, and I cordially impart my Apostolic Blessing as a pledge of strength and peace in the Risen Lord.”


Text by Aizel Dolom. Photo from EWTN Vatican Facebook Page.

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