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The Pope’s ‘3-Word Prayer’ to Get God’s Attention

Make a habit of prayer that starts with this simple phrase!

In his homily in Casa Santa Marta in January 2020, Pope Francis shared the story of the leper who approached Jesus with a simple prayer: “Lord, if you will, you can make me clean.”

This prayer, Lolo Kiko says, is an act of trust that “gets God’s attention.” The leper made this prayer because he had trust in Jesus’ love and compassion for humanity. (Read: 3 Powerful Prayers to Seek God’s Protection and Safekeeping)

“Compassion involves itself. It comes from the heart and gets involved, and it leads you to do something,” Pope Francis explains.

“Compassion is.. taking the suffering of another person upon yourself in order to resolve it, to heal it… The love of Jesus is so great that compassion led Him precisely to the Cross, to give His life,” he adds.

Son of God (2014) Photo from Hearst Entertainment Productions and LightWorkers Media

Just like how the leper reached out to Jesus, Pope Francis suggests that we make a habit of prayer that starts with the phrase “Lord, if you will…

This, he says, is a way to get God’s attention and seek His intervention in our sorrows and the problems of others. Here are some prayers from Pope Francis that you can repeat throughout the day!

Lord, If You Will…

Lord, if you will, you can heal me.
if you will, you can forgive me.
Lord, if you will, you can help me.
Lord, I am a sinner, have mercy on me, have compassion on me.
Lord, I, a sinner, ask you: have mercy on me.
Lord, if you will, you can; if you will, you can. Have compassion for me.

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