Monday, April 19, 2021
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The Online Entrepreneur’s Prayer

Lord, help me build an online business that honors you in every way.

The Online Entrepreneur’s Prayer

Lord, give me the strength,
to do what I cannot do on my own.
Building an online business with ETERNAL profit
that honors You in everything.

My talents, my relationships,
my treasure, my team.
All these precious gifts are given by You.
May The Holy Spirit remind me every day.

Worldly wealth can be a snare.
Capturing its entrepreneurial prey.
Promising everlasting joy and peace.
Which only You can provide.

My Heavenly Father,
You are the original entrepreneur.
Hand-crafting this magnificent universe
in only seven short days.

I am created in Your holy, innovative image
called to be Christlike in every word and deed.
Living out Your unconditional love
with every customer, every employee, every human I encounter.

The secular marketplace is my mission field.
The capitalistic crops are due for sowing and reaping.
Thank You, Lord, for this undeserved opportunity
to manifest Your sovereign will through the business you’ve bestowed.

A digital vehicle of blessing.
A global vessel of truth.
An electronic courier of mercy, grace, hope, and love.

To share the Good News of Your Gospel
with the lost children of this world.
Who drift from one fleeting pleasure to the next,
without a Heavenly Father to teach them.

I pray with all my heart, mind, and soul,
may The Holy Spirit guide me,
to die daily to my selfish desires.
And instead, stay obedient to your perfect commands.

Your perfect words, Your perfect direction of what YOU want my online business to be. Amen.

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