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LIST: The Most Iconic Shows All ’90s Kids Miss

Remember these shows? Take a trip down memory lane with us!

Hey, ’90s kids! Remember those days when we would have all the afternoon to play, watch TV, and nap? We would get home from school at around 2 pm, change into our pambahay, then either go outside to play with our friends, or lay on the couch, turn on the TV, and wait for our favorite show to begin.

Indeed, those were the good ol’ days— we get to rest, relax, and have fun every day without worrying too much about responsibilities. But now, it seems like we carry so much weight at work and at home that we can’t seem to have a breather anymore, unlike a decade ago. (Read: Eight leadership values we can learn from these popes’ childhood memories)

So My Pope Philippines is here to help you find some sense of rest amid the stacks of work we have by taking a trip down memory lane. This ‘lane’ features three shows from our childhood that we’ve grown to love, and still enjoy watching even now!

Educational Children’s Shows: Bayani

Photo from ABS-CBN Foundation Facebook

Bayani is an educational show featuring two children who find an old man in a cave. The latter eventually asks them to go back in time and relive the lives of some figures in Filipino history. (Read: Which Filipino National Hero Defines Your Personality?)

Together with the viewers, the kids embark on a journey and get to learn the lives of well-known Filipino heroes like Jose Rizal and Apolinario Mabini, and young modern-day heroes like Sajid Bulig and Rhona Mahilum.

Educational Children’s Shows: Sine Skwela

Photo from TFC.TV

Sine Skwela is probably one of the most iconic childhood TV shows there is. It teaches kids science (and even math) through fun experiments and hands-on activities. Because it does a great job at teaching and entertaining kids, the Department of Education mandated that the show is to be used at least once a week during science class to teach young students!

Educational Children’s Shows: Art Angel

Photo from Ghani Madueno/DeviantArt

Remember Pintado, the famous hand who draws amazing sketches? We all definitely do, because he is a talented artist that inspired many children to become creative and create art. The show where he is from— Art Angel— encouraged the same.

They taught kids that art is everywhere and anyone can be creative if they please in a fun and entertaining way! Too bad the show ended in 2011 after seven successful years.

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