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The Miraculous Works of Sleeping Saint Joseph

Did you know that Pope Francis has a special devotion? He is devoted to a particular representation of Saint Joseph – the Sleeping St. Joseph. According to reports, Lolo Kiko has an image of the sleeping Saint Joseph on his table, and whenever he has a problem, he would write him a little note and put it underneath the statue. “I put it underneath, so he can dream about it! In other words, I tell him, ‘pray for this problem!'”

Unsurprisingly, it is not just the Pope who is devoted to the sleeping image of Saint Joseph. Here are some testimonies from our readers who have also experienced the miraculous works of one of the pope’s favorite saints.

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Just in Time

“My brother was invited on a business trip to Italy, and he had less than 15 days to process the requirements, apply for a visa, schedule an interview, and prepare for the trip. We felt it was impossible as getting a schedule for application alone requires time. We sought the intercession of St. Joseph and by God’s grace and amazing miracles, my brother was granted a Schengen visa two days before his scheduled trip! He is now in Italy, training and basking in the blessings of God!”

– Michael C. Siaotong Mikesiao

Sisterly Love

“My Sleeping St. Joseph heard the anguish in my prayer when I asked him to touch the hearts among us siblings to reconnect with one another, and to love and care for each other once more. It’s been a long time since my younger sister and I have spoken. But one morning, we were blessed with a sincere and touching conversation that affirmed our sisterly love for each other. It was both liberating and humbling. Our dear St. Joseph, while he was sleeping that night, manifested his role as our family patron saint. He taught us that unconditional love should be forgiving and accepting.”

– Anita Lacuesta-Jesena

Sharing the Faith

“Seven years ago, my son was hit by a truck as he was biking to school. I was devastated, and even until now I have bouts of depression. Every time I feel an attack coming on, I pray to the Sleeping St. Joseph, who is my guide and refuge. I always feel better after talking to him. He has helped me so much that I have given his statue to friends. One time, a friend apologized to me, saying she gave her Sleeping St. Joseph to another friend who was having problems. I didn’t mind this. I believe that she passed on her statue because St. Joseph had also helped her, and that she wants him to help her friend, too.”

– Rita Marie Lutaos Mesa

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