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Two Become One: The Love Story of Edna Vida and Nonoy Froilan

They may have been together for over 45 years, but esteemed ballet dancers Edna Vida and Nonoy Froilan are still very much in love with each other. Their respect for one another only grows each day, and we can all be inspired by their kilig story as partners in dance and later on, in life.

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How did you meet?

1982 – Edna and Nonoy as the Swan Queen and Prince Siegfried of “Swan Lake.”

Edna: We met at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Rehearsal Hall in the early ‘70s. I was a dance scholar and Nonoy was to be the partner of Alice Reyes, the artistic director of Ballet Philippines and my eldest sister.

Nonoy: I didn’t notice Edna at that time as I was more focused on showing off my dance technique. But when she became my partner in place of another dancer, I started to notice her. Hey, this girl is charming, I said. She didn’t know that I tried to kiss her during one of our duet dances. It didn’t happen!

What attracted you to each other?

1984 – The couple performing a dance choreographed by Alice Reyes based on the play, “Itim-Asu.”

Edna: In the beginning, I resented Nonoy’s presence because he replaced another dancer I had a crush on. We started out as barkada and I was wondering why he loved to hang out with scholars like me. I only started being attracted to him when he danced “Songs of a Wayfarer” because he was so good!

Nonoy: Edna was a hard-working dancer. When she rehearsed, it was always a hundred percent! Lucky for me, I was tall enough so I became her partner and we were cast for lead roles. It took me a long time to show my affections. I asked my guardian angel and the Holy Spirit to give me signs if it was truly her.

What’s the secret to a lasting marriage?

“We put God first even before each other and our children.” – Edna Vida

Edna: You have to keep on adjusting. When one is weak, the other has to be strong. We learned to be sensitive to each other and to adjust accordingly. We also laugh a lot and act silly when no one is looking. Last but not the last, we put God first even before each other and our children. God released us from the trappings of fame, glory, and wealth so we are able to live a peaceful, quiet, and humble life after dance.

Nonoy: Prayers and 100 percent faith in the Almighty. Our children are on their own now. We are back to being the best of friends, full of respect and love. Just us again and it’s still fun! I married the best woman!

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Text by Yen Cantiga. Photos courtesy of Edna Vida and Nonoy Froilan.
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