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3 Ways the Holy Family Inspires Us to Keep the Faith This Christmas

While Jesus is indeed the real reason for Christmas, may we not forget His parents— Joseph and Mary.

There are many definitions of Christmas for a lot of people. For some, it is being generous, while for others, it is about doing good deeds. However, in Filipino culture, Christmas is always about family.

While Jesus is indeed the real reason for Christmas, let us not forget His parents— Joseph and Mary— as we celebrate the season. Jesus may have chosen to arrive descending upon the clouds with lightning. But instead, He chose to enter our world in the most natural, most human institution: a man and woman, united in marriage.

So as we celebrate Christmas, let these traits of the Holy Family remind you why we are celebrating in the first place.

The Holy Family Is Accepting of Its Members

Photo from Meridian Magazine

There is no perfect family. What may seem normal to you, may not be the case for others. Yes, even the Holy Family had its problems. Imagine the gossip that the town shared about Joseph taking the pregnant Mary into his home. Joseph, the righteous man that he was, chose to accept that his wife and her Son were motivated by something greater than they could explain, so they let God’s will lead their lives. (Read: The Miraculous Works of Sleeping Saint Joseph)

The Holy Family Is Obedient and Loyal

The Crucifixion with the Virgin, St. Mary Magdalene, St. John the Evangelist and St. Vitus by Garofalo (Benvenuto Tisi) in 1522 (Photo from Pinacoteca di Brera)

Mary and Joseph listened to the voice and instructions of God in their lives. Jesus grew up to be an obedient child just as He was obedient to God— even if that meant He would suffer and die at the cross. Mary, on the other hand, remained loyal to her Son and stood with Him at the foot of the cross. (Read: Do Catholics Really Worship Mama Mary?)

Sometimes, when we are faced with difficult situations, we tend to disobey and fight back. But Jesus and Mary teach us to embrace whatever challenge and trust God with all our hearts. 

The Holy Family Is Loving

Niccolò di Pietro Gerini, Death and Assumption of the Virgin, c. 1370-1375 (Photo from Galleria Nazionale / Wikipedia)

The Holy Family is full of love because they have experienced God’s love first hand. This love enabled them to love and trust one another as they moved forward into an uncertain future. Jesus, in His dying moments on the cross, expressed His love and concern for His mother when He entrusted her to the faithful disciple’s care. As a family, we are called to love another so that we can live for our families and for God.

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