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Monday, September 21, 2020
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The heroic acts of three Filipinos who touched the hearts of the Internet community

These days, there’s no hiding a good deed, as all it takes is a cellphone camera and Wi-Fi to make a scene go viral. 

Which is exactly what we need today: as the news continues to bombard us with one bad news after another, these doses of inspiration remind us that genuine goodness still exists and comes in many forms. 

Here are three examples: 

Ralph Lee, Judge

Used his Jet Ski to save 100 people stranded on their rooftops during Typhoon Ondoy

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In 2009, Typhoon Ondoy’s wrath resulted in floods that rose as high as six feet, prompting Metro Manila residents to scramble to the rooftops of their homes for safety. 

Shocked at the news, Judge Ralph Lee used his Jet Ski to travel from his home in Fairview, Quezon City, to Sta. Monica, Novaliches, where about 100 people sat trapped on their roofs. 

In a report from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Jet Ski Judge and his son Ram used personal watercraft, life vests, and rubber boats in a 12-hour mission that saved 100 lives.  

Three years later, Judge Ralph was back on his Jet Ski again, this time to rescue residents in Palmera Homes Phase 5, who were forced to evacuate to the roofs of their homes after torrential rains produced massive floodwaters. With his two sons and six male companions, he transported about 100 people to higher grounds. 

“In this bad weather, God is really with us,” said the Jet Ski Judge who received numerous citations for his courage and selflessness. 

Charleanne Jandic, Physician-in-training

Helped save a woman’s arm from being severed 

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In November 2017, Charleanne Jandic was on her way to visit her aunt when she chanced upon an accident while at the Ayala Station of MRT 3. Commuter Angeline Fernando fainted and fell on the tracks. The train rolled over her body, completely severing her right arm. 

Charleanne, a medical intern at the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center, wasted no time. With the help of MRT staff, she applied a tourniquet using a sweater and belt on Angeline, a move that later allowed doctors to successfully reattach her arm. 

Charleanne’s decisive action earned her incentives and accolades (including a feature in My Pope’s July 2018 issue!). Lawmakers even proposed to rename the Emergency Medical Services System Bill after her, which she humbly declined. “’Yung akin kasi, ginawa ko lang talaga yung trabaho ko,” she told “If it was another person with training on how to handle situations like yesterday [at the station], they would have done the same thing.”

Kabang, Pet dog 

Saved kids from being run over by a motorcycle 

The heroic acts of three Filipinos who touched the hearts of the Internet community - image 001_20130524_Kabang_after_6 on

In December 2011, Rudy Bunggal’s then 11-year-old daughter Dina and her 3-year-old cousin Princess were about to cross the street when a motorcycle came hurtling toward them. Suddenly the Bunggals’ family pet, Kabang, pounced on the motorcycle, toppling it over and saving the two girls’ lives. The driver and girls suffered minor injuries, but the dog, an asPin (asong Pinoy) of shepherd mix, was not as lucky. Pinned down to the front wheel of the bike, she lost her upper snout.

As news of her bravery went viral, American nurse Karen Kenngrot launched Care for Kabang, a fundraising campaign that collected over $27,000 to pay for Kabang’s surgery. Diagnosed with heartworm and transmissible venereal tumor upon her arrival at William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at UC Davis, USA, in March 2013, Kabang underwent treatment before she received reconstructive surgery. The operation was a success and on June 3, 2013, she was released from the hospital. 

Today, the brave asPin is hailed an “AmbassaDog of Goodwill” in her hometown of  Zamboanga City. She also recently met another hero, Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko” Moreno Domagoso, during a gathering with animal advocates to address the proliferation of stray dogs and cats in the city. 




Text by Joy Rojas.

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