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Here’s Why the Church Needs Young Volunteers, According to Bishop Pabillo

The Manila Bishop calls on the youth to help in church activities amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

To fully manage the situation while the world is battling COVID-19, Manila Bishop Broderick Pabillo said that the Church needs younger volunteers to administer church services.

“We need more volunteers now since there are new ministries to be created or strengthened because of our situation,” said Bishop Pabillo in a statement.

The volunteers will help priests in administering communions to the sick and elderly, as these people are still not allowed to go out of their houses while community quarantines are in place. The volunteers will serve as a temporary replacement for the parishes’ lay ministers. Many of these volunteers are elderly and are said to be more vulnerable to the disease. (Read: ‘Strict social distancing’ shall be observed during Mass – CBCP)

“So we sorely need younger volunteers. I would appeal to our elderly parish volunteers that if you truly love your parish, you will recruit one or two young volunteers to take your place in the church,” Pabillo said.

The volunteers will also be responsible for keeping proper physical distancing during Mass and in the regular disinfection of churches.

Prayer Is Vital

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Bishop Pabillo also asked the elderly volunteers to pray while staying in their homes. “An important service that the elderly can still do is the service of prayer, which is not only important, but indispensable in the Church,” he says.

He encouraged them to be the Church’s prayer intercessors during the time of crisis. (READ: Prayers to Help Those Who Are Suffering)

The prelate stressed that the measure is temporary due to the spread of coronavirus as the Church is still hoping for the gradual opening of church services, “which we believe to be essential services to our people.”

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