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New Season of ‘The Chosen’ Now Available to Watch

Just like the first season, 'The Chosen' season two is crowdfunded!

Yesterday, Catholics all around celebrated Easter Sunday at home. This means that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead, and the season of Lent is over for this year.

This also means that there are fewer Masses, novenas, and prayer groups until Lenten Season once again arrives next year. Still, this doesn’t mean that we can’t reflect on our own time even without a reason to! (Read: Fr. Eldrick Peña on Why It’s Never Too Late to Become a Priest)

An online series titled The Chosen has been trending lately as it teaches us all about Christ’s life— and enables us to reflect on our beliefs, lives, and everything else in between. And what’s even better is that it has just released its newest season on Easter Sunday!

Second Season

Photo from (‘The Chosen’) IMDb

According to the director of the series, Dallas Jenkins, the second season is focusing on “how the relationships between the disciples start to develop.”

What’s also great about this series is that it humanizes all the figures in the Bible. It shows that these people that we believe in are just as flawed as us. (Read: 6 Religious Titles You Need to Watch on Netflix This Lent)

In a scene from a video for the second season, it can be seen that James and John are competing for a position of authority, while Simon Peter stands with arms folded in a challenge. This shows us that even Jesus’s Disciples have had their own imperfections and commit sins just like us.

A Crowdfunded Project

Photos from (The Chosen: Jesus TV Series) App Store

Another thing we love about this show is that it’s crowdfunded! In fact, it is the largest crowdfunded media project ever— the first amassed over $10 million through online donations, and the newest season about the same amount.

For this year, The Chosen will be holding a ‘Pay It Forward’ project, which invites viewers to watch for free and are only asked to donate what they can to allow others to watch as well. (Read: 4 Netflix Characters Who Inspire Us to Heed God’s Message)

You can watch the series through The Chosen App for free! Download it here for Android, and here for iOS.

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