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Trust us, These Netflix Food Shows Teach the Best Kitchen Hacks!

Make your mouth water with these shows!

The quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic has somewhat made everyone a binge-watcher of sorts. Streaming platforms have had more users subscribe to their services during the quarantine, and more movies and shows have been uploaded to these sites.

But there are some people who actually prefer documentaries, non-fiction shows, and reality TV shows over fantasy and fictional dramas and romcoms. They probably just don’t like all the drama that it entails, and that’s perfectly understandable. (Read: Blackpink Jennie Starts YouTube Channel, Other Members Begin Solo Projects)

That’s why My Pope is listing some food shows that you can watch on Netflix if you’re one of those who are not into the drama- or romance-loaded films and shows.

Food Shows on Netflix: Street Food Asia

Street Food Asia is the Asian installment of the Street Food series. It takes viewers on a food trip around Asia like the famous Singaporean hawkers, Indian food carts, and the popular barbecue places in South Korea.

But it doesn’t only focus on the food itself but also the people behind these delicious dishes as they are the ones who make it possible for the food culture of their countries to thrive even more.

Food Shows on Netflix: Best Leftovers Ever!

If you’re looking for a show which doesn’t only entertain but also educate you, this show is perfect for you. Best Leftovers Ever! is a competition where skilled cooks make delicious dishes out of leftovers. (Read: Homemade Recipe: Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread)

This show definitely teaches you a thing or two about making something mouthwatering out of leftovers that we used to just ignore (and sometimes even throw away).

Food Shows on Netflix: Flavorful Origins

If you’re interested in learning about the origins of different dishes, Flavorful Origins might just be the show for you.

It delves into the history of Chinese cuisine, traditions, and the people who were behind it. It’s a documentary of sorts which will surely educate you and make you even more interested in trying out different Chinese delicacies and dishes.

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