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The Best Flavors of Mi Goreng, Invented by the Late Nunuk Nuraini

The developer of the world-famous noodles passed away at age 59.

Just last week, news of the passing of Nunuk Nuraini broke the internet, and many took to social media to mourn the loss of the genius who invented the world-famous Indomie Mi Goreng.

But who exactly is Nuraini and— for those who are not familiar— what is the Mi Goreng? (Read: Have You Heard? Mendokoro Ramenba Revealed Its Secret Menu!)

The Mi Goreng is an Indonesian instant noodle that has been around since 1972 and has since gone global. This delicious noodle snack that transcends continents and cultures was invented by Nuraini, who, at the time, was an employee at Indofood— the producer of Mi Goreng.

Following her passing, a lot of people thanked the woman food genius for her invention and expressed their gratitude for her 30-year service to Indofood. So as a way of paying tribute to Nuraini and her great contributions to the food industry, My Pope Philippines lists the most popular flavors of Mi Goreng available in the market!

Mi Goreng Flavors: Original

Photo from Indomie Mi goreng

The original flavor of the Mi Goreng is the most popular and favorite around the world. It’s also the flavor that is almost always available in groceries. It’s a simply spiced flavor that everyone will surely love!

Mi Goreng Flavors: Hot and Spicy

Photo from Indomie Mi goreng

This is the perfect choice for those who love chili and eating spicy food. But the mi goreng hot and spicy is not just all spice and bite, it also has a hint of crispy fried onions and some vegetables, making for a great orchestra of flavors. (Read: Pope Sends Prayers to Victims of Indonesia Earthquake)

Mi Goreng Flavors: Barbecue Chicken Flavor

Photo from Indomie Mi goreng

If you’re into the Filipino inasal or barbecue on stick, you should definitely try this flavor out. It has that authentic grilled flavor and the taste of chicken is just to die for. Surely a must try for chicken and barbecue lovers!

Mi Goreng Flavors: Satay

Photo from Indomie Mi goreng

For anyone who doesn’t know what satay (spelled sate in some countries) is, it’s an Indonesian dish similar to our barbecue on a stick. Pieces of seasoned meat are skewered and grilled, and served with a special sauce, usually peanut sauce. And the mi goreng satay flavor hits that flavor right on the head! The peanut sauce and the meat flavor also makes for an aromatic dish— energizing your senses.

For more flavors, you can check the Indomie website.

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