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5 Thai Series You Can Binge Watch After ‘Girl From Nowhere’

The Thai film industry is definitely something to watch out for!

Desperately craving for more Thai drama after finishing Girl From Nowhere? Us too! So while we patiently wait for the next season of the hit thriller, let’s check out a few other Thai series to binge-watch!

For the unversed, Girl from Nowhere revolves around Nanno (Chicha Amatayakul), an enigmatic girl who transfers to different schools and exposes lies and misdeeds of students and faculty. Its first season was aired back in 2018 and the second season dropped on Netflix last May. The mystery series became one of the most-watched contents on Netflix Philippines.

The Thai film industry is also something to watch out for, so we bring you a list of five recommendations for Thai series you can’t miss watching. (Read: Thais devise creative ways to carry their groceries after ban on single-use plastics)

ThirTEEN Terrors (2014)

Photo from Netflix

The 13-episode Thai series is based on classic school ghost stories. It is about a group of teenagers searching for the dark truth behind their school’s mysterious and brutal history. Each chapter is helmed by a different director.

All episodes are available on Netflix.

Hormones (2015)

Photo from GTHchannel YouTube

This coming-of-age series follows the lives and relationships of nine students as they navigate high school and all the problems that follow, from broken relationships, emotions, to more hard-hitting themes like school violence and pregnancy. (LIST: All the Netflix Shows Starring Baifern Pimchanok)

The drama series is available on Netflix.

The Gifted (2018)

Photo from GMMTV YouTube

Based on the novel The Gifted by Dhammarong Sermittirong, this Thai series follows the story of a 10th-grade student who is accelerated to an elite, secretive program where students are trained to discover and develop their supernatural abilities.

You can watch all the 13 episodes of this Thai series on YouTube.

The Judgement (2018)

Photo from IMDb

This Thai series tells about a college student who experienced a traumatizing incident at a party. As she becomes the target of scandal and rumors, she tries to change her school’s toxic culture. (Read: 4 Thai Food Dishes That You Should Try at Least Once)

The series can be streamed on Netflix.

2gether: The Series (2020)

Photo from Netflix

The romantic comedy-drama series follows the story of two college boys, Tine and Sarawat, who go from being in a fake romantic relationship to developing into a real couple. Because of its worldwide popularity, the producers decided to create a sequel entitled: “Still: 2gether the Series.”

All 13 episodes are available on YouTube.

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