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3 Tear-Jerker Movies You Should Add To Your List

Bring out the tissues before watching any of these movies!

People always say that it’s best to let our emotions out. When we’re sad, we’re told to cry it out, and when we’re stressed, the best thing to do is either write down what you’re feeling or meditate. Expressing emotions allows us to come to terms with our feelings, and enables us to improve our relationship with ourselves. After all, we were born with these emotions, which means we’re bound to use them at some point in our lives!

But there are times that even if we aren’t feeling a certain way, we still want to cry, scream, or something along those lines. That’s why some people even ask for tear-jerker movie suggestions from others for a good cry! (Read: 3 Nicholas Sparks Movies for Your Valentine’s Day Watch List)

According to science, crying is even good for your body! Not just for letting out pent up emotions, but it also helps clean our eyes and rid them of dirt and debris that may have accumulated there. Crying also lubricates our eyes and prevents it from getting infected!

So we’re here to give your some films that will surely let you shed a tear or two, for your next “feel-good crying session”.

Tear-jerker Movies: My Sister’s Keeper

One of the older tear-jerker films, My Sister’s Keeper starring Abigail Breslin, Sofia Vassillieva, and Cameron Diaz is all about family and sacrifice. Sofia’s character Kate has acute myeloid leukemia which requires her to have a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, neither her parents nor older brother were a match with her.

Kate’s doctor then suggests designer in vitro fertilization, so they could make a savior sibling for her who will become her primary organ donor. Decisions and lawsuits surround their family. The movie highlights what it means to love your family but at the same time also protect yourself. And that in itself is sure to make you cry.

Tear-jerker Movies: A Walk To Remember

This is probably one of the more underrated cry-worthy films based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. The story centers in on Jamie (Mandy Moore) and Landon (Shane West), two teenagers who are on the opposite sides of the “popularity spectrum”–one is the school’s “elites”, while the other was a wallflower.

However, circumstances bring them together and eventually they fall in love. But that’s not without its obstacles and challenges, which becomes the reason for many audience’s tears. (Read: 10 Inspirational Bible Verses About Surviving Adversities)

Tear-jerker Movies: Hello, Love, Goodbye

This list is not complete without a Filipino movie in it! And the chosen one? Cathy Garcia-Molina’s ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye‘, starring Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo. Two OFWs in Hong Kong fall in love and become each other’s companion in a foreign country–seems like destiny, right?

But of course, after a while, couples have to face hard truths and make difficult decisions. And Alden and Kathryn’s characters had to do it as well, and it was an ugly cry moment for the both of them. And maybe, you’ll cry hard too when you watch it.

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