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4 Books To Teach Your Kids About Saints

You’ll want to read them too!

As Pope John Paul I inches closer to sainthood, now’s the perfect time to introduce your kids to some of the most popular saints venerated by Catholics. The best way to do it: through books that explain in words and illustrations how an ordinary, often imperfect person can change and impact those around them with their goodness, virtues, and immense love for God.

Here are four such books—two of them about beloved saints, one about a saint canonized in 2014, and the last about a teenager of Blessed status.

Books About Saints: St. Francis of Assisi by Joyce Denham/ Illustrations by Elena Temporin

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Ideal for Grades 3-6 kids, this book tells the life story of the beloved saint through vignettes such as the sermon to the birds, taming of the wolf of Gubbio, and his being marked with stigmata. Available at Lazada. (Read: 10 Things Pope Francis and Saint Francis Share in Common)

Books About Saints: Thérèse: The Little Flower of Lisieux by Sioux Berger

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No Life of a Saint series is complete without a book on St. Thérèse of Lisieux, whose pure love for Jesus is nothing short of inspiring. Encourage your kids to aspire to the same level of devotion by reading this book to them before bedtime, or leaving them to reflect upon her short but amazing life after reading about her. Available on Amazon.

Books About Saints: The Boy Who Knew: Carlo Acutis by Corrine Turner

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When 15-year-old Daniel is diagnosed with leukemia, his parish priest introduces him to Carlo Acutis, another 15-year-old with leukemia. The hitch: Carlo is dead. Nevertheless, as Daniel prays the nine-day Novena to the Blessed Carlo, he finds comfort in the teenager who is destined for sainthood. Available on Amazon. (Read: ‘Techie Saint’ to Be Beatified This Week)

Books About Saints: Lolek: The Boy Who Became John Paul II by Mary Hramiec Hoffman

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We know him as St. Pope John Paul II, but in his youth, Karol Wojtyla was Lolek, a nickname given to him by family and friends. Besides learning about his growing up years, your kids will take to the adorable illustrations by Mark Hoffman (note the cute family tree) and instructions on how to pray the rosary, which was the saint’s favorite form of prayer. Available on Amazon. (Read: 4 Online Plays That Pope John Paul II Would’ve Loved)


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