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4 Tea Flavors for Different Health Needs

Can't sleep well? Have some tea!

The colder weather is upon us—heavier rains, stronger winds, and breezier nights. Many like to call it “sweater weather” because the temperature makes you want to grab your favorite hoodie from the closet and lounge in it all day.

But aside from wearing your favorite sweater around the house, the cold weather also makes us crave something hot to warm our bodies. And one of the first things we think of when we look for something warm is tea—not the gossip (because Pope Francis says it’s a plague worse than COVID-19!), but the soothing, calming drink that is always served hot. (Read: 5 Ways to Achieve Peace of Mind Amid the Pandemic)

But with the many choices out there, it could be hard to remember all the benefits and effects these flavors can give. That’s why My Pope is listing some tea variants and their effects on the body so you’d know what to get next time you’re feeling cold and craving tea!

For Lower Blood Pressure: Black Tea

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Black tea comes from the plant Camellia sinensis and is dried under the sun before being packed and/or served, which causes it to have a lengthier preparation process compared to other flavors. But the wait for black tea is worth it because some studies show that drinking black tea regularly can help lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol profiles. But you should also consider that black tea has a higher caffeine content than other teas, so you have to monitor your body after drinking a cup to see if it causes any side effects.

For Added Antioxidants: Chai Tea

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Chai tea is not a pure tea, per se. Instead, it is a mixture of black tea, steamed milk, and some herbs and spices, which gives you a creamy and flavorful tea mix that will keep you warm during a cold night. It almost has the same benefits as pure black tea, with some added antioxidants because of the polyphenols in the spices. (Read: Five Easy Ways for Moms to Recharge and Relax)

For Improved Digestion: Earl Grey Tea

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Earl grey tea, just like chai tea, is a tea that has different flavors and ingredients added to a black tea base. It has a unique taste that not everyone can be accustomed to, but one should give it a try at least once. Earl grey tea has many benefits like helping improve digestion, protecting the teeth from cavities, fighting off free radicals that can cause diseases like cancer.

For Better Sleep: Chamomile Tea

Photo from Healthline

Chamomile tea is popular for its relaxing effect on the body, and many people who tend to have a hard time sleeping drink a cup before going to bed. Some studies show that drinking chamomile tea can help improve sleep quality and overall health, and may also have some antidepressant effects. It has a light, floral taste that many will enjoy.

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