Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Tag: World Health Organization

#ArtForMedPH: Filipino artists are helping fight the Covid-19

The ongoing crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic has some of us feel helpless and worried. Not only are our movements restricted, most of us...

COVID-19 UPDATE: WHO releases new classifications for coronavirus cases

Every day, persons under monitoring (PUM) and persons under investigation (PUI) are reported in the news. Reports would even say that hundreds—maybe even thousands—in...

Here’s why the WHO named the coronavirus as ‘COVID-19’

Fear and stigma related to the new coronavirus have prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to give the disease an official name.  

LOOK: Couple holds ‘online wedding’ amidst coronavirus scare

 Indeed, weddings don’t always go to plan!

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5 Apps for a Virtual Bonding Session With Friends and Family

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