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Have You Read These Books by the Popes Yet?

What do the popes like to read? As it turns out, they have similar tastes! In an article on the reads recommended by the Holy Pontiffs,...

‘Be Witnesses to the Truth, Expose Fake News’ – Pope Francis

In his message for the World Communications Day celebrations, Pope Francis has spoken up about misinformation or "fake news." On Saturday, January 23, the Pope...

What Types of Music Are on the Pope’s Playlist?

Music and singing “are capable of transmitting the beauty and strength of Christian love,” said Pope Francis in 2018.   No surprise then that the Holy...

3 Things to Know About the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

Marian devotees know January 1 is not just a day that starts the brand-new year, but a day when we contemplate the role of...

The 500-Year History of Catholicism in the Philippines

Before Catholicism became the dominant religion in the Philippines, pre-colonial Filipinos expressed their faith in a variety of ways—from animism and folk healing to...

An Insider’s Look at the Pope’s Helicopter Service

It is March of 2013. The newly elected Pope Francis is on his way for his first papal helicopter flight. Once aboard the AW139...

Manila Cathedral holds public veneration for the relic of St. Pope Paul VI

It will be the first time that the relic is made available for public viewing ever since it arrived in the country in November last year.

Who are these ‘techie’ popes?

My Pope maps out the technological milestones of the papacy!

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