Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Catholics Place Statue of Mary on War-Damaged Church in Iraq

In preparation for Pope Francis's upcoming visit to Iraq in March, a statue of the Our Lady has been placed atop a formerly desecrated...

Catholics in Iraq Begin Prayers for Pope Francis’s Visit

Catholics in Iraq are praying that Pope Francis's visit to the country will not only push through, but will also foster peace and dialogue...

Here’s how we can avoid an indignant Pope Francis in the future

There a few courtesies that need to be followed when engaging with an elderly like Pope Francis—here are some of them!

READ: Pope John Paul II’s 1981 message to Filipinos remains relevant today

It’s been 38 years since the lifting of martial law and John Paul II’s first visit to the country. But the saint-pope left us with a powerful message on human rights that remains relevant even to this day.

CBCP formally invites Pope Francis to visit the Philippines in 2021

Heads up, Popesters! Lolo Kiko might just visit the Philippines again!

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