Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Ask My Pope Episode 8 – Helping Out a Shopaholic Friend

Should "Hesitant Benefactor" lend money to her friend even if she is fully aware that the latter is a shopaholic? Watch our Editor-in-chief Tata Mapa's advice for this week's featured reader!

Ask My Pope Episode 7 – 26yo Wants to Quit His Fourth Job

This week’s episode features a 26-year-old employee who wants to quit his fourth job––because, like with his previous employers, he feels unappreciated.

Ask My Pope Episode 6 – Couple Wants to Have a Child

This week, we feature a husband who desperately wants to fulfill her wife's wish–to have a child of their own.

Ask My Pope Episode 5 – Architecture Student Struggles in School

This week’s episode features an architecture student whose health is at risk because of stress in school.

Ask My Pope Episode 3 – Dealing With Parents’ Separation

This week’s episode features a 15-year-old high school student who worries about his parents' separation.

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