Monday, March 8, 2021
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‘I Had a Miracle Baby – and a Second Chance at Life!’

Maria Carmina Rosario “Aimee” Miranda Noack and her Australian husband Peter John Noack were practically newlyweds when they found out Aimee was pregnant seven...

Miracles of Poong Nazareno: Devotees Share Their Amazing Stories

What is it about the Traslacion that compels the Catholic faithful to walk the jam-packed, bone-crushing procession barefoot from Quirino Grandstand to Plaza Miranda...

The miraculous intercessions of saints that will turn even the most stubborn of skeptics into believers

“After 11 years of trying, I ended up with twins and their middle names are Therese––super blessing from my favorite saint!”

Want to know how it feels to be Jesus? This new video game will show you how!

 "I am Jesus Christ" is a realistic simulator game inspired by stories from the New Testament of the Bible.

The Miracles of Motherhood: Readers share their soul-stirring stories

"I thank the Lord from reminding me that life is not just about me anymore."

The Miraculous Works of Sleeping Saint Joseph

These readers attest to the miraculous works of one of Pope Francis' favorite saints.

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