Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Three real-life stories that will make you believe in the miracles of friendship

Readers shared with us how their best buds helped them through difficult times.

The Gift of Life: Readers share their miracle stories

Today we feature three readers whose faith in God were strengthened by their miraculous experiences. Read on and be inspired by their stories!

These miracle stories from Typhoon Ondoy will restore your faith in humanity

Where were you ten years ago––when Typhoon Ondoy hit most of Luzon and left countless Filipinos homeless?

The Miracles of Motherhood: Readers share their soul-stirring stories

"I thank the Lord from reminding me that life is not just about me anymore."

‘How I was given a second chance in life,’ Readers share their miracle stories

Were you ever at a point in your life where you thought everything was over? Take inspiration from these readers who were blessed with a second chance at life!

These reader stories will make you believe in God’s perfect timing

No matter how hard life gets, these readers believe He always has something better in store for them.

The Miraculous Works of Sleeping Saint Joseph

These readers attest to the miraculous works of one of Pope Francis' favorite saints.

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