Thursday, July 16, 2020
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Tag: Miracle Stories

‘Miracle Baby’ Sends Knights of Columbus Founder Closer to Sainthood

In times of trouble or anguish, Catholics call upon the saints for their intercession. In most cases, there is St. Rita for...

Four reader stories that prove how prayers change us for the better

"In His Grace" by Elisa Marquez I was at home one day and I suddenly felt pain in my stomach. At first, I thought it was...

Four sacramentals that are known to be miraculous in the Philippines

Keep one (or all!) close by you for good measure.

March 30 is Women With Disabilities Day!

Celebrate this special occasion by following in the lead of these five inspiring achievers!

The miracles of ‘Sayaw sa Obando’

Are the Obando Fertility Rites truly effective? My Pope answers this and other questions about the centuries-old Bulacan place of worship.

Don’t believe in miracles? These five stories will change your mind!

My Pope presents five incredible events that can only be explained as a miracle.

These readers will inspire you to keep going amidst life’s challenges

Readers weather through their struggles with God by their side.

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