Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Tag: Jorge Bergoglio

10 Things Pope Francis and Saint Francis Share in Common

During the 2013 papal election, the then-Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was sitting next to his good friend, Cardinal Claduio Hummes. When the new leader of...

3 Must-Try Restaurants on Your Next Vatican Visit

Did you know that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has a favorite restaurant in the Vatican? Pope Francis' predecessor loves going to Cantina Tirolese near the...

Married by Jorge: Couple Reminisces Wedding With Pope Francis

It was 1975 and the future Pope Francis, then 39-year- old Fr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was in Argentina celebrating the marriage of his former...

Pope Francis makes first appearance after being sick since Ash Wednesday

Everyone is encouraged to pray with love and conviction for the fast recovery of our dear Lolo Kiko.

Get to know the women who gave our popes the ~kilig~ feels

Did you know that even our beloved popes used to go on romantic dates? That was before they were priests, of course!

The Pope’s Employment History

Would you believe? Pope Francis previously worked as a bouncer at a dance hall!

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