Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Tag: Grandparents

Caridad Sanchez’s Family Reveals She Has Dementia

Cathy Babao, daughter of seasoned movie and TV actress Caridad Sanchez, revealed that her mom has been dealing with dementia since 2015. In a...

3 Ways to Be a Comfort to Lolos and Lolas Amid the Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has not been good for senior citizens. Vulnerable to the threat of catching COVID-19, those 60 years old and up were...

Xian Lim Grants Wish of His Lola Who Was Diagnosed With Cancer

Filipinos are known for having close-knit family ties, we cherish our relationships with our family members and love spending time together. This is because...

Do you cherish your grandparents enough?

Take your cue from Pope Francis who never fails to remind us of the importance of our lolo and lola!

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