Monday, June 14, 2021
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Hey, You Can Now Go On a Virtual Tour of UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

If there's one pre-COVID thing many of us miss doing, it would probably be going outside and seeing the world. Unfortunately, even with quarantine...

He’s in Scotland, She’s in the PH: How Do They Make It Work?

There was a mutual attraction between James Duncan and Joann Darilay when they first met on Google+ in December 2015.   “Her beautiful wee face...

Math Problems Among Top 10 ‘How-To’ Searches in Google PH

Just like other platforms, search engine Google is starting to wrap up this eventful year by summarizing what queries were typed on the search...

Get to know the woman behind your favorite banana ketchup!

Aside from revolutionizing our favorite lumpiang shanghai dip, Maria Orosa was also a bad-ass war heroine.

Have you seen these easter eggs in Google’s Jose Rizal Doodle?

Today, June 19, marks Dr. Jose Rizal's 158th birthday!

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