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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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How Are Safety Protocols Observed in Production Shoots?

Months after the coronavirus hit the country, the cameras are finally rolling once again in the Philippines. Industry authorities and country officials...

Three heartwarming films that inspire honesty among the youth

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has shown us two sides of honesty. On the one hand, patients withholding information about their recent travel history can...

These three films will inspire you to pursue your life’s purpose

Do you know your purpose—or are you still figuring it out? These movies entertain and offer insights!

Feeling Christmas-y yet? Check out these My Pope-recommended films for the holidays!

From an animation to a rom-com and a mystery, Netflix has something for everyone this season––and beyond!

Warning: These two well-loved films will make you hungry!

My Pope Reviews: Julie and Julia and Namets!

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