Monday, July 26, 2021
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Tag: Coronavirus

LOOK: UP Diliman students develop sanitation tents to stop the spread of CoViD-19

The sanitation tents can be used in entrances to hospitals, MRT and LRT stations, bus stops, offices, grocery stores, and public markets.

Quarantine Update: DOT sets bus routes for health workers around Metro Manila

This is to make sure of the unhampered mobility of frontliners and all health workers to hospitals.

MMDA lifts color coding scheme in Metro Manila amidst CoViD-19 pandemic

This is to allow commuters to have more transportation options amidst the ongoing community quarantine.

UPDATE: Masses at the Archdiocese of Manila are postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak

Other religious activities will also be postponed for one week in light of the CoViD-19 developments in the country.

Coronavirus Update: A rundown of the 22 confirmed new cases in the Philippines

After contact tracing, the DOH has put at least 107 people under home quarantine.

DOH looks into first case of locally-transmitted COVID-19

Everyones is advised to be vigilant at all times.

Filipinos now allowed to travel to South Korea, DOH confirms

Travel restrictions are now lifted following South Korea’s success in controlling the COVID-19 outbreak.

Pope Francis makes first appearance after being sick since Ash Wednesday

Everyone is encouraged to pray with love and conviction for the fast recovery of our dear Lolo Kiko.

Here’s why the WHO named the coronavirus as ‘COVID-19’

Fear and stigma related to the new coronavirus have prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to give the disease an official name.  

Wildlife Trafficking and Fatal Diseases: Is nature punishing us with coronavirus?

The balance in Mother Earth has been disturbed—and we are now facing its consequences.

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