Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Miss Bookstores? Browse Through These Online Shops!

If you’re a book lover, you most likely practice tsundoku, the Japanese word for acquiring books and piling them up at home with (or...

5 Glorious Books to Inspire Reflection this Holy Week

My Pope-approved titles for your mind, heart, and soul.

3 Books to Feed Your Curiosity About Catholic Saints

The lives of saints are fascinating. Not only can we learn about how they lived their holy lives, but how we can emulate these...

5 Books to Read for That Much-Needed Dose of Inspiration

Check out My Pope’s feel-good reads for the rest of the month!

These Food-Inspired Book Covers Will Make Your Books Look Kawaii!

Japan is known for its bullet trains, anime, beautiful sceneries, and of course, attractions like Tokyo DisneySea and Harry Potter World. But aside from...

Fully Booked resumes online services, now accepts orders in their website

In times like this, books can be the perfect way to relax and escape. If you're planning to purchase and read some great books...

Why Erin Entrada Kelly’s “Hello, Universe” will inspire your child to be a better person

Filipina American Erin Entrada Kelly’s best-selling novel will soon be adapted into a Netflix film!

Book clubs, rejoice! You can now hold events at the off-campus bookstore of UP Press.

Using the bookstore as a venue is absolutely free of charge.

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