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Meet Chef David, The Man Behind The Vatican Christmas Cookbook

He is also known as the "Swiss Guard Chef!"

Christmas is a time when foodies, chefs, cooks, and food enthusiasts all come out to create masterpieces worthy to be served on the table at Christmas dinner or Noche Buena. And more often than not, we’d much rather prepare our signature recipes—the dishes we’ve already perfected—for the event.

But there are also times when we want to try something new or different. In that case, we’d consult our trusty cookbooks and recipes. So this Christmas, My Pope Philippines lets you in for a treat as Chef David Geisser, author of the #1 bestselling cookbook The Vatican Cookbook, has once again compiled over 70 new recipes for his readers to re-create! (Read: Pope Francis Homilies: Valuable Lessons on Christian Living)

His new book, The Vatican Christmas Cookbook, is just in time for the holidays as we plan our Noche Buena. But who exactly is David Geisser? Read on to find out more!

Swiss Guard Chef

Photos from Politiko and (Paepstliche Schweizergarde, Katarzyna Artymiak) La Voce di New York

Chef David Geisser is a 30-year-old Swiss chef who has won numerous awards for his amazing skills in the kitchen. At 18 years old, he was already able to write his own cookbook Around the World in 80 Plates for his school-leaving assignment.

The book was able to catapult the young chef into instant popularity—even earning him a spot as a guest in various TV shows in his home country Switzerland, including “Aeschbacher.” (Read: Six Facts You Need To Know About Pope Francis’ Swiss Guards)

Chef Geisser worked for some time at the gourmet restaurant Motto del Gallo, before taking an apprenticeship at Casale, a restaurant run by celebrity chef Antonio Colaianni. After his time at Casale, the young chef then went on to train for another two years at Colors, a restaurant at the Paradeplatz in Zurich.

In 2013, Chef Geisser decided to join the Pontifical Swiss Guards—the “military” of the Vatican City assigned to protect the Pope and the state. That was also the time when he wrote his third cookbook, Buon Appetito, which also gained international success.

Vatican Christmas Cookbook

Photo from Sophia Institute Press

Because of his service with the Papal Swiss Guards, Chef Geisser decided to write a cookbook all about the timeless classics and Vatican recipes that were served on the Papal table for the last 500 years. Hometown favorites of the three most recent popes, Francis, Benedict XVI, and St. John Paul II, are also included in the cookbook.

But not only that, photographs much like a behind-the scenes look at the Vatican City, its museums, halls, and sceneries are also available for readers to see. Stories from the past and present Swiss Guards, and even legends from the time of Michelangelo until now, are ready for us to read in the cookbook. It’s surely a treat for foodies, readers, and the religious alike! (Read: LOOK: These Local IG Stores Have the Cutest Christmas Items!)

You can get a copy of The Vatican Cookbook here, and its sequel The Vatican Christmas Cookbook here.

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