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5 Suppliers Who Source Fruits and Vegetables From Local Farmers

Take the motto "Love Local" to heart by ordering your fruits and vegetables (and even meats) from these local suppliers!

The Philippines is known as an agricultural country with its vast fertile lands and plethora of fruits, vegetables, and grains. We even export our products to other countries because of how good our agriculture is. The only problem farmers used to face with regards to agriculture is that it’s highly susceptible to storms, floods, and drought. But now, they are facing yet another problem—the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to this ongoing crisis, produce in perfectly good condition aren’t reaching markets and groceries in the metro because of lack of transportation, which resulted in the produce rotting. It’s a big loss to farmers, especially to those who mainly rely on selling their fruits and vegetables for their families’ food. (Read: Here’s How You Can Help Jeepney Drivers Affected by the Lockdown)

While the Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Science and Technology (DOST), and the Pasig LGU have started initiatives to buy produce from local farmers to support them in these trying times, we can also do our part! (Read: LGUs are now turning to local farmers for healthier relief goods)

My Pope lists 5 fruit and vegetable suppliers that source their produce from local farmers. Let’s try our best to help out the farmers in need and whose sources of income are greatly affected—after all, we would all go hungry without them.

Seeds and Fruits Multipurpose Cooperative

Igorot farmers harvest cabbage at the plateau vegetable garden in Benguet. (Photo from AFP / BusinessWorld)

This local cooprative sources all of its produce from farms in Benguet, Mountain Province. They also deliver fruits and vegetables straight to residents in Metro Manila! Contact 0906 382 4978 or 0917 700 2007 to order. (Read: Husband and wife create Viber bot for your food delivery needs during quarantine)

*Note: The Seeds and Fruits Multipurpose Cooperative only accept bulk orders, so you can invite your friends and relatives to order as well!

Bonena Multipurpose Cooperative

Photo by Jam Melchor on Facebook

This Taguig-based cooperative has vegetables that are locally sourced from Pangasinan and Nueva Ecija. However, they are only open for pick up at their warehouse at FTI Cold Storage, Cucumber corner Bagsakan Road, FTI Complex, Taguig City. (Read: Stock up on these 5 vegetables that won’t spoil easily)

Bonena Multipurpose Cooperative is open from 6am to 7pm daily. You may contact Mary Ann Mendoza at 0917 835 0338 for more information.

Sikap Farms

Photo from

Their produce is sourced from farms in Benguet and Nueva Ecija. They have fruits, vegetables, and meats ready for delivery! Just visit their Facebook page to fill out the order form. You can also add them on Viber to place orders and get updates. Sikap Farms also has a website that you can check out for more info. (Read: Women farmers in Ifugao are earning extra with these cute knitted items)

Probinsya Mart

Photo from ProbinsyaMart Facebook

This online market sources its goods from various local farms around the country. They are open to consolidating orders from your community, as it makes it more efficient to deliver the goods. Order through their website at

*Note: Probinsya Mart only accepts bulk orders for delivery.


Photo from

Zagana is a smartphone app that makes ordering vegetables easier. The app partners with The Veggie Drop-Off and sources their produce from farms in Benguet and Cavite. To order, download the app on your Android phone here, or visit their website.

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