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Student Who Made it to PH’s Top Universities Shares Her Study Habits

She rewards herself after each finished task!

Lia Rufino, who passed the admission test of not just one, but all of the “Big 4” universities in the Philippines, tells My Pope Philippines the study habits that worked for her!

Lia says she felt overwhelmed after knowing she got accepted into the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, and the University of Santo Tomas.

“I felt happy because all the hard work I have put into my studies has resulted in something worth being proud of,” she continues. (Read: Here’s How To Pass the UPCAT– As Told By A UP Freshman)

Lia runs down tips of what could also help students like her and those who are planning on acing their admission tests, too.

Study Habits That Work: Finish Tasks Ahead of Schedule

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Lia reveals that she has been preparing for the admission test a year before the exams. She says that a few study habits that she has adapted include doing tasks ahead of their due dates.

“Whenever I am tasked to do a certain thing, I immediately do it and take breaks whenever I feel a need to do so. It feels fulfilling whenever you finish a certain task way ahead of schedule because it gives yourself a longer, much-deserved break,” she adds. (Read: 3 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health While in Quarantine)

Study Habits That Work: Discipline Yourself

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One way to avoid distraction while studying is to keep your phone away, according to Lia.

“I personally struggle with keeping my focus when it comes to studying. Because of that, I did my best to discipline myself. One thing that helped is refusing myself access to a certain thing that I enjoy yet causes a distraction,” she explains.

Lia adds that whenever she has periodical exams, she would refuse to touch her phone for days until all her tests are done.

“What motivates me, though, is the idea of rewarding myself with the exact same thing once I had accomplished what needed to be done.”

Study Habits That Work: Seek Help

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The application period brought Lia a lot of stress and since she applied to several universities, she ended up needing a lot of requirements for each one.

At first, she struggled to balance taking care of her admission requirements with her workload brought by online classes, but she eventually managed to push through, thanks to her friends and classmates.

“Seeking the help of my friends and classmates also helped me a lot with my studies. Acknowledging your weaknesses can be a good thing because it encourages you to ask other people for strength,” Lia explains.

“Studying with friends or classmates has always been a fruitful experience for me because not only do they get to help me, but I also get to help them in return. There should never be any shame in asking for assistance.” (Read: 3 PH Schools to Consider if You Want to Become a Priest)

Lia adds to never forget to make lists, “Lists help you keep track of tasks and avoid missing deadlines.”

Lia decided to pursue the European Languages program at UP Diliman.

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