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8 Studio Ghibli Dishes You Can Recreate Right Now

You don't have to wonder what anime food tastes like!

Studio Ghibli is known best for its charming characters, magical atmosphere, and thought-provoking storylines. However, the Japanese animation film studio also boasts the ability to animate food in such tasty ways!

In fact, their food even inspired its own exhibition called “Delicious! Animating Memorable Meals” at the Ghibli Museum in 2017!

Have you ever found yourself wondering what anime food would taste like in real life? Well, it’s now time to took matters into your own hands and see, err, taste for yourself. (Read: Why Does the Food in Studio Ghibli Animes Look so Good?)

Studio Ghibli Dish: Fluffy Sponge Cake From Spirited Away

If you have always envied how happily No-Face indulges on the fluffy cake, then here’s the good news– you can actually make it yourself! Follow the recipe here.

Studio Ghibli Dish: Ramen from Ponyo

Photo from Studio Ghibli and Fiction-Food Café

Instant ramen is easy to cook and serves as comfort food for many people. How about recreating the dish before rewatching Ponyo? Sounds like a plan, right? Check the recipe here. (Read: Upgrade Your Instant Ramen With These Cooking Hacks)

Studio Ghibli Dish: Bacon and Eggs from Howl’s Moving Castle

Photo from Howl’s Moving Castle © 2004 Studio Ghibli – NDDMT

To some, this may seem like a common breakfast meal, but of course, for Ghibli fans, there’s something special about being able to taste a dish that’s enjoyed by the characters they have grown to love! Follow the procedure here.

Studio Ghibli Dish: Bento Box from My Neighbor Totoro 

With such cute food placement, who wouldn’t love this breakfast scene from the animated film? Watch the recipe here.

Studio Ghibli Dish: Herring Pot Pie from Kiki’s Delivery Service 

Enjoying Studio Ghibli recipes? Here’s another one! This iconic dish, albeit a bit more time-consuming, is really fun to make and very unique!Check out the steps here. (Read: 

Studio Ghibli Dish: Steamed Red Buns from Spirited Away

Photo from Fiction-Food Café

Here’s another dish from Spirited Away. If you ever craved for tau sar pau or red bean bun after watching the animated film, we got you! Check out the recipe here. (Read: Celebrate the Feast of St. Lucy With Lussekatt – the St. Lucy Buns!)

Studio Ghibli Dish: Tempura from Up on Poppy Hill

If you’re tempted to try this shrimp tempura from the film, then no worries because it can easily be prepared at home. See the recipe here.

Studio Ghibli Dish: Soup from Castle in the Sky

This comforting soup that Sheeta cooks in the Castle in the Sky will surely make the audience salivate a little. Now bring out your giant pot and let’s head to the kitchen! Watch the steps here.

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