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Friday, September 25, 2020
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Students Start Own Initiatives to Boost Transition to Distance Learning

The bayanihan spirit lives on!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected a lot of sectors—one of which is education. Because of the threat of the virus, much of the classes will now be held online, raising a lot of concerns for students and teachers who are struggling to adjust to the demands of distance learning.

To address these issues, three groups of students from around the Philippines have started their own initiatives to support the transition to distance learning. Their goal? To provide young learners with enough internet access and radio units, as well as to generate funds for gadgets so students can cope with the new normal in education.

Project Walang Iwanan

Photo from Project Walang Iwanan Facebook

Lack of internet access is one of the main concerns of students in Tugegarao City. So Jason Cureg, a student from the University of Saint Louis Tugegarao, started Project Walang Iwanan in June.

The initiative gives away free load credits to those who lack funds for internet access. The donation drive has already benefitted over 200 students, and by July 29, Project Walang Iwanan had already raised P26,050 worth of cash donations. (Read: This Youth Group Donates School Supplies to Children — but With a Twist!)

To donate, you may visit the project’s Facebook page.

Radyo Para sa Baryo

Ka-Baryo!Are you up for something great that will definitely help many Batang Sarangans pursue their education in the…

Posted by Radyo para sa Baryo on Thursday, July 23, 2020


As the Sarangani province will have to rely on radio-based instruction and modular classes, the Provincial Youth Development Council and the Panlalawigang Pederasyon ng Sangguniang Kabataan have launched a project called Radyo Para sa Baryo. Their goal is to provide at least 1,000 radio units to public school students in Sarangani for modular learning. (Read: New TV Program Teaches K-12 Subjects to Children at Home)

To further bolster the initiative, the Forty for the Radio Challenge—which asks donors to donate as little as P40 to buy radio units—was launched alongside the Radyo Para sa Baryo project. The group hopes to raise P200,000 by the end of August. 

To donate, visit their Facebook page.


Screenshots from #pisoparasalaptop Twitter

In recent months, the hashtag #PisoParasaLaptop began trending in social media. The system is simple: students use the hashtag in their posts to ask donors for help, and the donors, in return, can reach out to them or directly donate through their GCash or e-money accounts. (Read: 5 Tips For Safer Transactions Online)

The initiative, which was started by a group of students who seek funding for distance learning projects, has immediately clicked on social media. In fact, the project was furthered after several influencers and news outlets stepped in by retweeting and broadcasting their stories to a larger audience. The bayanihan spirit lives onindeed!

To donate, search #PisoParasaLaptop on Twitter.

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