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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Netizens Praise Grade 1 Student for Breaking Gender Labels in Workbook Test - image MPPPA_LEADERBOARD_728x90_rev on
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Netizens Praise Grade 1 Student for Breaking Gender Labels in Workbook Test

"Pang-lalake at pang-babae, lahat po ay pwede." 

These days, many posts are going viral as social media has become the public’s main source of information, entertainment, and channel for communication.

Some get shared multiple times for being good samaritans and helping the less fortunate, while others for their questionable statements and fake news. But regardless, these posts contribute to spreading awareness amid the many issues that the country is currently facing. (Read: #PisayGiveUsABreak Trends Online As Students Demand Academic Break)

Take for instance this recent post by Facebook user Dianne Agura. A few days back, she posted a picture of her younger sister Ayesha and her answers in her Grade 1 workbook. The photo in the post showed a part of the workbook where students are asked to identify which toys were for girls and which were for boys. However, instead of differentiating the toys, Ayesha wrote, “Pang-lalake at pang-babae, lahat po ay pwede.” 

Photo from Dianne Agura Facebook

This amazed Dianne, because children her age usually have a concept of toys for girls and toys for boys. “Akalain mo ‘yun, in that young mind, she had broken one gender stereotype na we often took for granted and treat like it’s a non-significant issue kasi it’s just the way it is,” Dianne wrote in her post. (Read: Women’s Rights Around the World: How Far Have We Really Come?)

She added that she felt ashamed for telling her sister that her answers were wrong, and that she wouldn’t mind if Ayesha’s teacher would mark it as incorrect. “It’s the lesson she learned that mattered not the numerical grade which she could easily get naman,” Dianne said.

Workbook Errors Found

This story of Dianne and Ayesha are just among the many posts about students’ workbooks that have been trending online. But unlike the two sisters’ story which touched the hearts of netizens, others enraged the social media community, making them join hands in calling out the Department of Education (DepEd) for the questionable contents in the self-learning modules SLMs.

Photos from Inday Echevarria and BOHOL FLASH Report Facebook

According to DepEd Undersecretary for curriculum and instruction Diosdado San Antonio, they have received more than 30 reports regarding errors in the self-learning modules so far. “Sang-ayon sa aming report na nakuha, doon sa 35 instances na may mali, ang kinoconfirm namin na may mali na talagang dumaan sa aming team na nagreview ay isa,” he explained. (Read: Mcdonald’s Sets up ‘McClassrooms’ for Online Teachers)

Some errors have already gone viral on social media, as parents and older siblings were posting their dissatisfaction with the SLMs. Some of these errors were asking the students to draw 800 stars, identify colors despite it being printed in black and white, and having no correct answer in a multiple-choice questionnaire. Similar instances of gender stereotyping were also found in some of the modules’ activities.

A module for Grade 12 students in Cagayan was also reported for teaching students that staging and joining rallies is bad and should not be tolerated.

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