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3 Platforms Where You Can Listen to Kpop Other Than Spotify

Itching to listen to your fave Kpop songs again? These platforms are here to save the day!

On Sunday, February 28, Kpop fans were shocked to find out that many of their favorite Korean songs have been removed from the music streaming platform, Spotify. The likes of Seventeen, Mamamoo, Nu’est, IU, GFriend, and MonstaX have been affected by this, with many of their songs now unavailable on the platform.

Because of the issue, Spotify and Kakao M trended on Twitter, with fans expressing their disappointment with the two companies. And just today, March 1, Spotify finally released a statement addressing the issue. “Despite our best efforts, the existing licensing deal we had with KakaoM (which covered all countries other than South Korea) has come to an end,” a Spotify spokesperson said. (Read: Nine Years After Her Passing, Whitney Houston Still Lives On)

And while Spotify added that they have been working towards a new deal with Kakao M, an agreement is still yet to be made. So if you’re a Spotify user who can’t wait to stream your favorite Kpop music just like us, here are other platforms where you can find Korean artists’ songs!

YouTube Music

Photo from YouTube Music

YouTube’s music platform works similarly to Spotify, but what’s different is you can also opt to watch the music video while listening to it! No need to change apps just to watch your favorite song’s MV or live performances, because YouTube Music can do it for you. And what’s nice about it is that you can lock your screen and the music won’t stop playing!

An individual membership for YouTube Music is at P169/month and a family plan (up to six members) for P259/month. Download YouTube Music for Android here, and for iOS here.


Photo from Soda

Deezer is a French music streaming platform launched in 2007. It carries music from major music companies such as Universal Music Group, Sony Music, and Warner Music Group. But it also has Kpop and podcasts on its 56 million-track roster!

A premium individual membership costs P129/month, while a family subscription is at P159/month. Download it here for Android, and here for iOS. (Read: Exclusive: Bey Talks ‘Crash Landing,’ Music Inspirations, and More!)

Apple Music

Photo from Nikias Molina YouTube

Apple Music is Apple’s exclusive music and video streaming platform. It makes available for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch users millions of songs from all around the world with just one app. And what’s remarkable about Apple Music is that the sound quality is topnotch and users definitely see the difference when they listen using the platform.

Individual membership on Apple Music is at P129/month, and family plan is at P199/month. Students can also get Apple Music for a discounted price of P69/month. Download it here for iOS.

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