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Friday, September 25, 2020
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Here’s Where to Get Bacolod’s Napoleones in Metro Manila

We delve into the rich history of napoleones—plus where to get them in the Metro!

With vacations, travel, and outings restricted as of the moment because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many have been missing and craving food from different provinces in the Philippines.

The yema-filled pastel from Camiguin, the piaya of Negros Occidental, and even fruits from different provinces that are currently not available in some markets are just some of the food many of us are missing. (Read: 3 Popular Delicacies That Can Now Be Delivered to Metro Manila)

One of the most craved food right now is the napoleonesa layered puff pastry from Bacolod that is filled with custard and topped with a white sugar glaze. But where did this delicious pastry actually originate from?

Bacolod Delicacy

(Middle) Agnes Cuenca and Chole Cuenca-Chua, the mother and daughter tandem behind Bacolod’s Quan Native Delicacies. (Photos from Ladurée Paris Official Instagram and DG Photography / The Blue Ink Blog)

There is no clear story as to where the napoleones originated from—but with the Philippines’ history of being colonized by western countries, it’s not far-fetched to say that we got this delicious delicacy from the West.

According to the food blog Devour Asia, the napoleones was invented in France, but it was originally called napoleon or mille-feuille, which means “a thousand leaves.” The pastry is also made in other parts of Europe, such as Germany, Morocco, and Spain. And because we were colonized by Spain in the 1800s, this may very well be where we adopted the Bacolod napoleones from. (Read: Is Food a Love Language? We Asked Chef Jackie Ang-Po!)

In Bacolod, the most popular recipe for napoleones was created by Conchita Cuenca who is considered as the “doyenne of Negrense cuisine.” Her recipe makes for a sweet, creamy, puffy pastry, locals and tourists can’t help but always come back to grab a bite!

Napoleones in the Metro

Photos from, Sweets it is – Taguig, The Other Room, Roli’s Napoleones, and Cab Cafe Facebook

Through the years, the napoleones has become a tourist favorite in Bacolod city. In fact, many have become so fond of this sweet and creamy delicacy from the city of smiles, they’ve decided to bring it to Metro Manila! Read on as we list down some stores in the Metro where you can a box (or two!) of this puff pastry!

  • Puff Delight (Mandaluyong) – Order via Facebook or text them at 0926 045 3555
  • Sweets It Is (Taguig) – Place your orders through the Facebook
  • The Bunny Bakes (Quezon City) – You can message The Other Room for orders
  • Roli’s Napoleones (Quezon City) – Contact them via Facebook to order
  • Cab Cafe (Pasig) – Call them at (02) 8518 9779 or order thru their website.

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