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3 Ways to Start Living Zero-Waste This 2021

Start the year with zero!

We all know for a fact that Pope Francis has always been an advocate of waste-free living. And while he may push everyone to live sustainably, the Pope also acknowledges that zero-waste living does not happen overnight (no thanks to you, consumerism!).

True enough, people have this mindset of acquiring things, forgetting the many more important things in life. Then again, living waste-free does not mean you have to live without life’s luxuries, it just compels you to have a more conscious approach to what you are buying. 

Contrary to what many believe, zero-waste does not only allow you to give the planet a favor by reducing the amount of waste going to landfills; it also helps you on a personal level by allowing you to save more money from unnecessary purchases. (Read: 5 Ways Pope Francis Inspires Us to Switch to Sustainable Fashion)

So as we celebrate zero-waste month this January, My Pope Philippines helps you to finally start on your journey to waste-free living with three simple tips— don’t worry, these are all practical and easy!

How to Live Zero-Waste: Start Eating Real Food

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Cutting back on processed foods and ingesting natural stuff are one of the few steps you can employ to live waste-free. Cutting back on packaged goods will hopefully lessen the amount of plastic that pollute oceans and kill animals. Also, you will also be healthier!

Of course, you can still indulge in the occasional cookies and crackers— by making them yourself, that is! (Read: 3 Ways You Can Help Ensure Food Security in the Coming Years)

How to Live Zero-Waste: Invest in Long-Lasting Products

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Many of the items in your household can be reused for zero-waste purposes. But you can also invest in some stuff that you can use throughout your waste-free journey. (Read: 3 Online Stores for Reusable Utensils, Cups, Straws)

So if you truly wish to live with zero waste, ditch the plastic bottle and invest in an insulated water bottle for both hot and cold beverages instead. Cloth bags are also essential in waste-free living as it is helpful for storing, transporting, and buying food in bulks. Don’t want to buy one? You can sew your own using old shirts or sheets!

How to Live Zero-Waste: Join Communities for Support

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Staying motivated to unlearn all those years of consumerism takes effort. To keep yourself focused, it helps to seek tips from others who have been living the lifestyle already. So why not follow zero-waste accounts on Instagram and join several groups on Facebook for tips and inspiration?

Buhay Zero-Waste, a public group on Facebook, is an ideal community to join in. With its 62,000 members as of writing, the group encourages waste-free living through practical tips and fresh ideas shared by Filipinos who advocate a zero-waste lifestyle across the country.


Text by Yen Cantiga with Aizel Dolom.

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