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Wow, Starbucks Just Released New Drinks, Cake Flavors!

Enjoy these new menu items from June 8 to July 26!

When we do stuff for work or school, we often find ourselves searching for food in the kitchen or food delivery apps. Almost always, we would get a drink and a pastry for a hearty merienda, but of course, buying two items is a lot pricier. So which should you choose?

Well, with the new Starbucks drinks, you don’t have to choose anymore! The new collection, called ‘Choux Cream Dreamland,’ features two limited-edition blended drinks inspired by choux creme— a custard puff pastry. (Read: 3 Coffee Dessert Recipes to Jumpstart Your Day)

What’s more is that they also launched three new cakes that will also be limited-edition. Curious? Here they are:

Choux Cream Dreamland

Photo from Starbucks Philippines

Strawberry Choux Cream Frappuccino. The strawberry choux cream frappuccino features milk, a vanilla bean custard sauce, fresh strawberries, and ice, blended together then topped with crushed graham and vanilla bean custard flavored whipped cream.

Chocolate Choux Cream Frappuccino. Just like the strawberry choux cream drink, it has milk, vanilla bean custard sauce, and ice blended together. But this time, the flavor comes from the delicious mocha sauce! It is also topped with vanilla bean custard flavored whipped cream and crushed graham.

Both drinks are priced at P165 for tall, P180 for grande, and P195 for venti.

New Cakes at Starbucks

Photos from Starbucks Philippines

Blackout Cake (Slice P195, P1,575). Chocolate lovers will surely love this new cake. It is made of dense chocolate cake with chocolate fudge and dark chocolate frosting. The cake is made with Belgian chocolate to ensure a flavorful experience!

Green Tea Berry Crepe Cake (Slice P195, Whole P1,575). Want a new cake experience? Try out this crepe cake! It is made of 17 layers (yes, 17!) of crepe, with green tea cream filling and blueberry compote in between.

Chocolate Chip Mousse Cake (Slice P205, Whole P1,995). A classic cake for the cake lovers out there. The Starbucks chocolate chip mousse cake is a cheesecake filled with chocolate chip cookies and topped with milk chocolate mousse.

These limited edition items will be available at Starbucks starting June 8 until July 26.

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