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Wow! Starbucks Just Added Plant-Based Food to Its Menu!

There are new items on their plant-based menu — and it's available for a limited time only!

According to food experts, plant-based food will still be trending in 2021. These plant-based foods— which are healthier alternatives to meat and processed goods— became a viral trend last year when we were told to eat healthier to strengthen our bodies given the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of its popularity, even fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King have already launched their own plant-based products in 2020. Now, just in time for the new year, another big brand has added plant-based options to their menu: Starbucks Philippines! (Read: 5 Plant-Based Ingredients for Your Daily Meals)

Three new meat- and dairy-free dishes have been added to Starbucks Philippines’s menu starting this week. This is in addition to the first batch of dairy-free beverages they launched back in September, much to the joy of Starbucks lovers.

Here are the three new products that Starbucks launched recently for its plant-based food menu.

Plant-Based Food at Starbucks: BBQ Mochi Bun

BBQ Mochi Bun. A delightful snack to have any time of the day. This soft, airy, and chewy baked mochi bun is stuffed with sweet plant-based Asian BBQ filling.​ (Photo from Starbucks Philippines Facebook)

For only P85, you can now score a delicious mochi bun filled with a meat-free Asian barbecue! And as Filipinos who LOVE barbecue, this is a delight! This is a healthier version of our well-loved barbecue, but still has the same taste. Its buns are also soft and chewy— true to its mochi nature. You will surely not be disappointed with this one.

Plant-Based Food at Starbucks: Mince Roll

Mince Roll. Let the good times roll with this butter, flaky crust stuffed with plant based ground patty, Italian spices and creamy plant based cheese sauce. (Photo from Starbucks Philippines Facebook)

Mince rolls are perfect for those who are in a rush to go to work or those who are looking to eat something before a very important meeting. It’s because it has carbs in the form of flaky pastry crust, protein in the form of meat, and even has a sauce so it wouldn’t be too dry! (Read: What’s Hot in 2021: A Barista’s List of Must-Try Coffee Drinks)

Starbucks’s new plant-based mince roll is a must try. It uses a plant-based ground “beef” patty with some dairy-free cheese, wrapped in freshly baked crust. It retails for only P95– a steal if you ask us!

Plant-Based Food at Starbucks: Classic Lasagna

Classic Lasagna. The Classic Lasagna is made with hearty plant-based Bolognese layered generously with plant-based cheese and al dente noodles. (Photo from Starbucks Philippines Facebook)

When you think of lasagna, what comes to mind first is the amount of meat and cheese it has, all in one baked-to-perfection dish. But for those who are more health-conscious, it might not be the best option. (Read: 3 Scenic Tagaytay Cafés You Should Visit Post-Pandemic)

This is why Starbucks is taking lasagna to a whole different level by making their own version of the pasta favorite and making it meat-free! Their lasagna is made from plant-based pork and dairy-free cheese, with some added Italian spices. The Starbucks Classic Lasagna is available for only P195.

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