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The Cast of ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ Where Are They Now?

Would you believe, Cholo Cha and Jodi Han now have their own families!

Remember when the classic Korean drama Stairway to Heaven first aired in the Philippines in 2005? It was so well-received by many Filipinos at the time, that a lot of teens and parents were eager to stay up late to watch its every episode.

Featuring the story of childhood friends Jodi and Cholo, Stairway to Heaven unfolds a series of unfortunate events that lead to Jodi having amnesia and forgetting her memories about Cholo. The Korean drama was so in demand that it even had a 2009 Pinoy remake featuring Dingdong Dantes and Rhian Ramos as Cholo and Jodi! (Read: Dingdong Dantes Launches Delivery App to Hire Laid-Off Showbiz Workers)

Fast forward to this day, 15 years after its initial premiere in the Philippines, Stairway to Heaven remains in the hearts of many Filipinos. With that in mind, My Pope took the liberty to check up on the original cast of the Korean drama and see what they are up to now.

The Cast of Stairway to Heaven: Kwon Sang-woo

Photos from Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) and Korea Marie Claire magazine / PBE Media

Kwon Sang-woo played the role of Cholo Cha in the Stairway to Heaven series. He is now happily married at the age of 44 years old and a father to two children. (Read: 3 Korean Dishes to Relive Your Best K-Drama Moments)

In 2018, he and his fellow actor and wife Son Tae-young celebrated their tenth anniversary in marriage. The happy couple commemorated the milestone with a beautiful pictorial together with their son and daughter in Marie Claire magazine.

The Cast of Stairway to Heaven: Baek Sung-hyun

Photos from Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) and 와이즈웨딩 (wiseweddingplanner) Instagram

On April 25, Baek Sung-Hyun who played the role of young Cholo Cha in the show tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend in a small private wedding ceremony. Following his stint in the Stairway to Heaven series, the South Korean actor has appeared in several Korean dramas, like The Accidental Couple (2009), Doctors (2016), and While You Were Sleeping (2017).

The Cast of Stairway to Heaven: Choi Ji-woo

Photos from Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) and Star Jiwoo

On May 16, two years after she married her husband whose name is yet to be made public, Choi Ji-woo gave birth to their first child—a baby girl. The now 45-year-old actress, who played the lead role of Jodi Han in Stairway to Heaven, announced the special moment through her label, YG Entertainment. (Read: 3 Things to Expect from ‘BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky’ on Netflix)

Apart from her life as a wife and a mom, Choi Ji-woo remains a renowned actress in South Korea. In fact, she recently made a cameo as herself in the popular Korean drama on Netflix, Crash Landing On You.

The Cast of Stairway to Heaven:  Park Shin-hye

Photos from Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) and Park Shin Hye Instagram

Before Park Shin-hye became one of the most sought after Korean actresses of her generation, she first played the role of young Jodi Han in Stairway to Heaven. The now 30-year-old actress is busy with her new Korean drama, Sisyphus: The Myth. The show is set to air sometime in late 2020, but with all the current coronavirus pandemic, it’s unclear whether or not that schedule will be pushed through. So, fingers crossed!

In the meantime, as we wait to see more of Park Shin-hye on our TV screens, you might want to check out her other popular works on Netflix such as Inheritors (The Heirs, 2013), Doctors (2016), and #Alive (2020). She is also set to premiere her mystery thriller film, Call, on the popular streaming service next month!


Text by Mark Baccay and Aizel Dolom.

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