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3 Cookie Varieties And Recipes To Honor St. Hildegard

Make your own cookies inspired by Cookies of Joy!

Known for her many honorary titles, St. Hildegard is also known for her Cookies of Joy recipe that has been popular, even among modern-day Catholics. In fact, it is still used on some occasions, religious activities, or even in simple baking sprees!

The Cookies of Joy recipe first appeared in her treatise in Physica in 1157. St. Hildegard has written around 200 recipes on the healing properties of food that use grains, fruits, and vegetables as ingredients. It is known as nutritional therapy, which provides an understanding of the healing powers of food. Her recipes are memorialized in a cookbook, From Saint Hildegard’s Kitchen: Foods on Health, Foods on Joy by French chef Jany Fournier-Rosset.

St. Hildegard recommends eating three to five cookies a day for a youthful spirit and a more positive outlook on life. So, try these cookie recipes to honor her, as well as the Cookies of Joy! (Read: These My Pope-recommended cookbooks will inspire you to get busy in the kitchen!)

Mixed fruit and nut cookies

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Since most recipes she has written include fruits, baking simple yet delicious and healthy cookies would be a great idea! The saint believed that the blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves banishes melancholy and releases one’s intelligence. Mixed fruit and nut cookies are a perfect combination to promote healthy eating and optimism. It is packed with nutrition from dried fruits and mixed nuts!

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Spelt chocolate chip cookies

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St. Hildegard wrote that cookies take the bitterness out of our hearts and calm our nerves. It cleanses our senses, reduces all bad humors, provides good blood quality, and makes us strong. She also suggests spelt cookies as it helps with digestion and is actually a mood booster! That’s why preparing spelt chocolate chip cookies is another best option. Even kids will surely enjoy these yummy treats! It has a chewy texture and not-so-sweet flavor—the best way to satisfy sweet cravings without consuming too much sugar. (Read: 5 Saints to Pray to if You Are a Certified Food Lover)

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Cinnamon cookies

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As she mentioned, cinnamon is one of the ingredients in the Cookies of Joy recipe! If you want an easier recipe that requires a few ingredients, try baking some cinnamon cookies. You can eat these for a midnight snack or dessert after dinner as St. Hildegard did not recommend breakfast. She advised that healthy people should not eat too early and should fast for 13 to 17 hours between dinner and lunch the next day. This is a philosophy that aligns with intermittent fasting. You better enjoy these cinnamon cookies when you are doing an all-nighter! (Read: How to Stay Youthful in Body and in Spirit)

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