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5 Cherry Desserts You Should Try For The Feast Day of St. Gregory the Great

Remember his holiness with these delectable desserts!

On this day, we celebrate the feast day of St. Gregory the Great or Pope Gregory I (580-604 AD), who broadened the papacy’s authority, instigated the first recorded large-scale mission from Rome, and provided wisdom for the Christians on his day through his writings.

Legend had said that when St. Gregory the Great was a pope, he had incomprehensible cravings for cherries. The servants and gardeners were puzzled as the cherry trees were just starting to bloom. St. Mark visited a gardener searching for cherries. Upon hearing the story about the pope, he gave a blessing on a single cherry tree—and it was suddenly covered with ripe and fragrant cherries! 

Since then, the pope usually enjoys a bowl of cherries, especially on St. Mark’s feast day. Let’s celebrate the feast day of St. Gregory the Great by preparing desserts made from his favorite fruit! (Read: A Feast Day Prayer to St. Gregory the Great)

Cherry Desserts: Cherry crisp

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A crunchy and healthy dessert? The cherry crisp is a good choice! It is basically fresh cherries topped with a buttery oatmeal crisp that creates a perfect balance of sweetness. You can also use canned cherries, but as much as possible, use fresh or frozen cherries for more nutrition. This recipe is easy to prepare and only requires a few ingredients! To make it more exciting to eat, add a scoop of your favorite ice cream on top! Follow the recipe here

Cherry Desserts: Cherry cobbler

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Cobbler is a baked dessert consisting of fruit filling with a buttermilk biscuit topping! Commemorate St. Gregory the Great and appreciate his well-loved fruit by making cherry cobbler! This unique dessert has a warm and flavorful cherry filling coated with crunchy biscuits. For an added sweetness, serve it with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream! It may take longer to make, but it is worth the try! Follow the recipe here. (Read: 3 Hearty Soup Recipes That Popes Eat During Cold Seasons)

Cherry Desserts: Cherry cheesecake dip

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This is the easiest cherry-flavored dessert you can make as it only contains five ingredients! The cheesecake cherry dip has a graham crust loaded with cherry pie filling and cream cheese, which can be served as a dessert or appetizer. Just mix the ingredients well and chill it for at least an hour. You can dip biscuits, graham crackers, wafers, pretzels, waffles, apple slices, and more! Follow the recipe here

Cherry Desserts: Cherry pie

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Many of you are probably familiar with cherry pie. It is one of the most common cherry desserts we can make at home or buy from bakeries or pasalubong stores! Why not bake your own cherry pie for this special day? It may seem intimidating to make, but you might enjoy exploring and unlocking recipes that you can serve for future occasions! Follow the recipe here. (Read: 5 Fun Facts About the ‘Great’ Saint and Pope, Leo I)

Cherry Desserts: Cherry chocolate chip cookies

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Finish your meal with chewy chocolate chip cookies infused with cherries that add more sweetness with a mildly tart flavor to the basic chocolate chip cookies. Its fancy color and fudgy texture are addictive that kids will surely love. If your taste buds are looking for new flavors, the cherry chocolate chip cookies might be the answer. Expect ooey-gooey goodness in every bite! Follow the recipe here.

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