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Learn About St. Clare’s Extraordinary Life With These Films

Let us celebrate St. Clare's feast day even amid the pandemic!

Today, August 11, we celebrate the feast day of St. Clare of Assisi. She was an Italian saint who was one of the first followers of St. Francis of Assisi, who was most known for establishing the Order of Friars Minor.

If it were a normal day without the pandemic, devotees of St. Clare would have already flocked to the Sta. Clara Church in Katipunan to celebrate her feast. They would have also offered prayers and eggs–the popular traditional offering to the saint. (Read: No, They’re Not Magicians! These Saints Are Just Mystical)

But of course, we are currently living in a global health crisis and currently in quarantine, hindering us from moving around the city with ease. So how can we commemorate St. Clare’s feast day during the pandemic?

One way is to learn about her life and advocacies. And a quarantine-friendly way to do that is to watch films that depict her life! Here are some of them.

Movies About St. Clare: St. Clare of Assisi and Poor Clares

St. Clare of Assisi and The Poor Clares is a two-part documentary directed by Artur Sbicca, and narrated by Kingsley McLaren. The first part is called St. Clare of Assisi, which depicts the extraordinary life of St. Clare–a woman who “knew how to defend her decisions alone and who built a social reality that still challenges the centuries.” The second part is the “Poor Clares: A Hidden Presence,” which is a bonus inclusion of the documentary.

The 30-minute part two of the documentary features Poor Clares who follow the example St. Clare had established centuries ago. It “speaks of their [Poor Clares] realization as women, mothers, and sisters inside the closed walls of a monastery.” (Read: A Prayer on the Feast Day of Saint Clare of Assisi)

You can watch it here.

Movies About St. Clare: Brother Sun and Sister Moon

Judi Bowker & Graham Faulker as Clare & film title Brother Sun Sister Moon directed by Franco Zeffirelli film company Paramount 03 march 1972 (Photo from AF archive/Alamy Stock Photo)

This 1972 film examines the life of St. Francis of Assisi, and details his life before and after his spiritual renewal. While around half of the film only features St. Francis, Chiara Offrudecio, who eventually becomes St. Clare, is introduced in the latter part of the movie. Their relationship as brother and sister in Christ, and their shared love and care for the poor, is shown.

Brother Sun and Sister Moon is available on Amazon Prime Video here.

Movies About St. Clare: Francis and Clare of Assisi

Much like Brother Sun and Sister Moon, this documentary by Arturo Sbicca showcases the extraordinary life and tale of St. Francis and St. Clare. It also brings viewers to the places that these two saints reportedly frequented back in the day. Francis and Clare of Assisi is accompanied by beautiful orchestra music that provides an ambiance perfect for the story.

Watch it here.

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