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Thursday, October 29, 2020
5 Instances the St. Benedict Medal Granted Miracles - image MPVisit_LEADERBOARD_728x90 on https://www.mypope.com.ph
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5 Instances the St. Benedict Medal Granted Miracles

"Our friend placed a blessed St. Benedict medal under one of the park benches. From that day on the hoodlums never returned.” 

In addition to founding the Benedictine Order, St. Benedict of Nursia is famous for performing numerous miracles in his lifetime—from restoring a sifter that a servant accidentally broke, to praying over a large and immovable stone that a group of men was able to lift easily.   

Small wonder then that many miracles have been attributed to the saint’s namesake medal. (Read: Four sacramentals that are known to be miraculous in the Philippines)

A type of sacramental, the St. Benedict medal is rich in detail. It features references to two of the saint’s most popular miracles, as well as inscriptions of prayers in Latin, invoking his presence as we are close to dying (as he is the patron saint of a happy death) as well as his protection against evil. 

To commemorate St. Benedict’s memorial this Saturday, July 11, here are five testimonials that show the intercession of the medal in favors granted.

Protector of Pigs

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From Father Paul of Moll: Benedictine Wonder-Worker by Edward Van Speybrouck:

“For two years we had ill luck with our pigs; as many of the young died. On being informed of this, Father Paul advised me to hang a medal of St. Benedict on the wall of the piggery and dip a medal into the food of the beasts. We did so, and from that time on, we had no more losses.” 

Peaceful Home

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From Miracle Detective: An Investigative Reporter Sets Out to Examine How the Catholic Church Investigates Holy Visions and Discovers His Own Faith by Randall Sullivan:

“I left Father Glenn at the house, and we put St. Benedict’s medals everywhere. We even custom-made slips for the mattresses and stuck the medals inside those. My husband had thought this sort of stuff was pure superstitious, but now he was all for it. I go to Boston and then up the Cape, where my editor lives. I called home and they said everything was peaceful.” ()

Medal, Not Medicine

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From Mysteries, Marvels, and Miracles: In the Lives of the Saints by Joan Carroll Cruz

“He gave the servant girl two medals of St. Benedict. ‘Place one around her neck…the other you will dip into whatever she may drink and also into the water wherewith you bathe her suffering limbs. Give her no medicine, only a small powder of the miraculous roses of St. Benedict.’ After a second novena [in honor of the Saint], the child was greatly improved, and after a visit to Fr. Paul, the child completely recovered.” 

A Quiet Place

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From Catholic Answers Forum:

“Therese lived next door to a rental house. Three successive groups of tenants lived in the house. The tenants in each of the three groups were drug addicts. They usually slept all day and stayed up all night disturbing the neighbors with their noisy, rowdy parties. The third group of tenants skipped through without paying the rent. Therese’s mother then placed a blessed St. Benedict medal in the foundation of the rental house. From that time onward the tenants who rented the house were much quieter people.” (READ: Three real-life stories that will make you believe in the miracles of friendship)

A Medal in The Park

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From missionbell.homestead.com:

“A friend of our family lived near a park. For many years hoodlums congregated in the park at night. All kinds of unacceptable behavior took place. The police were called repeatedly over a number of years. They were never successful in improving the situation. Finally, our friend placed a blessed St. Benedict medal under one of the park benches. From that day on the hoodlums never returned.” 

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