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Prayer To St. Apollonia For Toothaches

Let St. Apollonia, patron saint of dentistry, intercede for your toothaches.

St. Apollonia was one of the virgin martyrs who suffered in Alexandria during the reign of Emperor Philip the Arabian during the 3rd century. According to church tradition, St. Apollonia’s torture included having all of her teeth violently pulled out or shattered.

Despite this, St. Apollonia remained steadfast. She was threatened with fire but instead of renouncing her faith, St. Apollonia jumped into the flames voluntarily to preserve her chastity and faith.

For this reason, she was regarded as the patron saint of dentistry and those suffering from toothaches or other dental problems. In some areas of Italy, St. Apollonia is cast in the role of the tooth fairy, collecting children’s fallen baby teeth while they sleep and leaving a gift in exchange. In the Middle Ages, objects claimed to be her teeth were sold as toothache cures. (Read: 5 Saints to Call on for Health-Related Problems)

Ancient art depicts her with a golden tooth at the end of her necklace.  Also in art, she is seen with pincers holding a tooth. The church celebrate St. Apollonia’s feast day every February 9.

If you’re suffering from a toothache, about to undergo a dental procedure, or is a dentist, let this prayer for St. Apollonia and dental healing intercede for you.

Prayer for Toothache to St. Apollonia

O Glorious Apollonia, patron saint of dentistry and refuge to all those suffering from diseases of the teeth, I consecrate myself to thee, beseeching thee to number me among thy clients. Assist me by your intercession with God in my daily work and intercede with Him to obtain for me a happy death. Pray that my heart like thine may be inflamed with the love of Jesus and Mary, through Christ our Lord. Amen. 0 My God, bring me safe through temptation and strengthen me as thou didst our own patron Apollonia, through Christ our Lord. Amen.


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