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Squabbling kids? Make them get along with these 3 simple tips!

Being a parent is indeed one of the most fulfilling roles in the world. But of course, it’s not one without its challenges. 

Among the many tests most parents face is the one where they struggle to foster a peaceful and loving relationship among their kids. After all, every parent wants to see their children get along and enjoy each other’s company. So the question is: How does one raise their children to get along well? 

My Pope lists three tips to raise a loving family. 

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Listen to your kids.

More often than not, parents associate a child’s—or a teenagers’—actions to just “acting up” or making papansin. Such an approach only creates a gap in the relationship between the two. According to research, listening to your kids makes it easier for them to listen to you. When a child senses that their parents are attentive and approachable, they are more likely to listen and understand their point of view. This builds stronger bonds between the child and the parent and helps boost both parties’ self-esteem as well. 

Never compare.

Let’s be real here: No one likes being compared to. But this is one thing that most parents cannot avoid—especially when dealing with their children. The thing is, comparison breeds animosity among children as they feel that it is always a competition. In addition, when a child is being compared to, they tend to build a wall toward their parents and develop self-loathing and resentment toward their siblings. Teach your child the value of a healthy sibling relationship by inspiring them to celebrate their and their siblings’ accomplishments and encouraging them to always be supportive of each other. 

Let them find their way.

It is every parent’s dream to have their children get along with one another—but sometimes, we tend to go overboard. Instead of pushing them to get along or reprimanding them for their squabbles, let them find their way to each other. After all, blood is thicker than water. No matter how many fights or shouting happens between them, they will still surely love each other at the end of the day.

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